Like Layers of an Onion

I really have to work on getting out of bed earlier.

I had dreams last night, but once again I didn’t feel they were worth waking up for. That statement applies to much more of my life than I thought it would when I put it down.

My brother was in his office. I actually have never been in his office, just outside. It was large and open, with several desks. It actually looked like the Mattress Firm that is near my current house, and maybe some of the desks were actually beds, I didn’t see.

My brother was at his desk, meeting a client. The man was an older gentleman, and actually I believe that he is my architect client from Northern Vermont, who I really should be calling.

I just faded off and thought about work

The man was holding a brown glasine manila envelope, apparently with proofs or something inside. My brother was in front of his computer, and they spoke professionally.

I’ve always been impressed by how, unlike me, my brother actually knows what he is talking about in a professional context. Also, I believe his state is opening up and he will have to go back to work.

These are all snippets, and I believe they are in reverse order. Apparently I caught the thread on the last stitch, before my mind sewed up the holes that it stuffed my dreams into.

Every day I think it doesn’t matter, and each day it becomes more interesting that 2 cups of coffee can recount. I guess I did sleep for a whole 8 hours… more, in some cases.

I was, once again, going up a large escalator (two nights in a row, I’d better see what that means) and the man in front of me who I believe I knew on some casual level was holding a giant semi-circular sign, like the kind that goes in the sunburst spot at the top of a 1920’s -1940’s office door, which usually houses the number. Only it was much bigger, perhaps 5′ long?

And it featured Thomas the Tank Engine, labeled as such.

We carried it quite a ways, actually. Over a long walking bridge across a river, which I believe was also in France, Paris if anyplace. There were willow trees on the banks, and a golden light shining through the trees that makes me think it was a recreation of a movie scene I’ve seen somewhere. I’m pretty sure that giant window was not a part of it, though.

I broke the rule and texted my brother, who is among everything else a stained glass artist, and he thinks this is a fantastic idea. Because it is.

Before that, I dreamed of the boy. I always feel like I did, but when I try to remember the dreams, they are not there. This time, digging back, I actually found one.

I wonder if there were ever more.

We were in a field, on a nice sunny day. I believe I know the field.

We were in front of an abandoned house. I believe I know the house, but it was a different house than is actually in that field. He and I have actually looked at both houses, on the internet.

We were going to break in and take pictures of the weirdness, which is pretty much normal. We went in, and it was creepy. particularly because there were other people there.

Inside, it was the same shape as a house I have dreamed of before – particularly, the dream distortion of my favorite house where my ex and I used to live. The people who used to live in our neighborhood were in the house.

I’m beginning to get vague because I’m getting distracted.

I remember setting up some good scenes, nothing too amazing, but I definitely risked some cobweb exposure and probably a touch of tetanus.

I took a look at the photos in the boy’s camera and… none of them had me in them at all. Not one.

I’m still talking to my brother about popart stained glass.

Now I’m talking to my other friend in the neighborhood about the house. Maybe the boy and I will go look at it in person this weekend. My dream with the boy continued…

We went to a grocery store, I’m not sure why, but I do know that the grocery store was one step up from closed, as every place is. They noticed the boy’s camera, and asked him to film some videos of the vegetables for them, since he had such a respectable amount of experience with this.

I’m trying to remember what grocery store it was, and I almost can. I believe it was Elvin’s in upstate New York.

I sat at a round table with a pink patterned table cloth while the boy became wrapped up trying to film an intro of a store employee walking into frame holding a yellow bell pepper.

Of all the things to be almost too identifying to print, this is it.

I’ve been nursing my coffee and watching the daylight fade…

Dreams take a long time to get down.

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  1. Anna says:

    In looking up the window shape that I described in the dream, I found this link – – and realized that the bridge, and most of our walking path, was through Boston Common and across the Charles River.

  2. Anna says:

    Well, that dream pretty much perfectly predicted what happened when we looked at the house this weekend.

    This relationship is failing to meet quarterly projections, I’m not sure if the campaign should be continued, but let’s do the numbers at year end.

    The song that’s playing is I Know It’s Over by the Smiths… so perfect. Honestly the first time I ever heard it, it just popped up.

    And then this one… machine learning has gotten pretty good.

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