What’s This?


I woke up late today, by an hour. I should stop this. Because I actually woke up earlier, and kept going back to sleep, that is not good sleep.

I’m not sure if I should go see the boy today.

I was about to say why, and I looked at this post, and i looked at my hands and I felt my shoulders and I realized that I was barely breathing, and that I was tense, and rushing.

I guess that’s what happens when I wake up late.

There is absolutely no reason anything about this page, specifically, should stress me out. I created it for the exact opposite reason.

I feel the same way about the boy, to be honest. The stakes in our relationship are so low, why on earth should I allow him to stress me out at fucking all?

I did have dreams, but the boy wasn’t in them. My Virgo friend was… Maybe it’s just the day, maybe it’s just whatever, but I have no reason not to say what’s on my mind right now (the boy sent me that text late one night when I was out with her), but I kind of like her.

Idk, I basically just stared at my screen for almost an entire hour.

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