Take ’em to Court

I wasn’t sure if I should write today, it’s kind of a false start. I actually woke up 4 hours ago, and went back to sleep. Not sure what I should say about that, and what’s relevant, but I guess I never will be, ever, about anything <=== this is how coincidences are made.

I wonder what the point of all this is, and what the point of me is. I know I’m smart. I felt my fingers flutter a little before writing that. Is there really any point of bragging to myself? My Father and I talked about that briefly. Briefly, while briefly going over archival copies of magazine articles written about his favorite, and one of my (almost capitalized My, and yes, there still is much of that kind of work to do) favorite uncles.

I’m inspired to do work today. I just clicked away to do work, and there was a message waiting from my ex. Obviously, nasty and barely coherent. What a monster. Maybe that’s why I decided to write today, so that I would be here and see this message and be inspired to do what I had to do about that. Now I’m not sure whether I should abandon this post and get to that, I clicked away and it looks like I am.

Well, I’m not going to let my coffee get cold over this. I do have stuff I have to do.

Like serve papers to this asshole.

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