An Eye for an Eye


I’m glad to get in here today. I woke up pretty much on time, said my daily affirmation, but lay in bed for another hour and change because it was cold out. My dreams vanished, but it doesn’t matter too much because there is so much else to talk about.

Not sure if I’m going to, though.

I just felt a sting, like when one gets flicked at the base of the nose. A sharp sting, like a strong smell, that makes the eyes tear up. Stunned.

I used to flick my dog’s nose as a form of punishment, particularly if she was eating from my hand too fast. Just enough to get her to back off, maybe sneeze. She was adorable.

Once, she attacked our neighbor’s dog, and took out an eye.

Oh man, and that was the good eye too. Why couldn’t it have been the other eye?

The Virgo woman of the neighbor couple, who despite being great in many ways, was kind of dumb. Idk what else to say about her. My dog had loved her so much, that upon finding out that she had another dog at home of her own, flew into a cannibalistic rage. What a jealous bitch.

Is this the universe’s revenge. <=== this does not get a question mark because I know I will never get an answer.

In other news, i broke up with my boyfriend last night. The real one, not the boy, though he’s definitely next.

I really don’t fucking care if they cry, these shallow caricatures of people. Crocodile tears at best, I was once going to buy the boy alligator shoes. I already bought my boyfriend 2 pairs, beautiful shoes.

If you buy a man shoes, he will walk out of your life in those same shoes.

Folklore – incidentally repeated to me by my Haitian friend, who is totally fucking falling apart and I don’t know how I feel about it, this weekend.

I just realized. This post is going to drift off into the ether, as I am running into a deadline and probably won’t have time to come back and link it to anything, and am listening to an unusual playlist, making it much less likely to be revisited.

I wonder if I will remember what happened today, when I see this again. It feels like I obviously will, but I know myself better than that.

I keep talking about things that don’t matter.

Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. Say it.

This is the day I lost my eye.

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