When I first woke up, it was already quite late, now it’s 2 hours later. I wonder if I’ll have time to do the things I want to do today… I paused, knowing that if I took off my headphones and called the hospital and spent my coffee time on hold, I could probably nail down my schedule for the next round of tests. I just really don’t want my day ruined by bad hold music…

Why is there not a program that let’s clients choose their own music while stuck in the queue. It’s 2021 ffs.

Seriously, this possibility is stressing me out.

I’m doing it. Well, I guess this is my punishment for getting up late.

And so I figured fuck it, there’s a lot to do today.

Sometimes the boy skips therapy, I shouldn’t feel too bad about it.

Speaking of, he just told me that he has the day I just scheduled my doctor’s appointment for is a day he already took off. Should I reschedule it? My Haitian friend got a booking for us on Friday, a day that I had previously requested the boy take ff, and I turned it down… never thought I’d turn down money for a man. I never did that for my ex, or the other one (I still delight in remembering that I have multiple exes now, I should really write my recent ex and thank him for that. I have no reason not to be honest).

I tried to move on and do other things… my brain is too foggy. And I think…

I can’t think.

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