Not skipping this exercise today, though I am skipping music… I’m on hold. Still wondering why I can’t just pick my own hold music. Also wondering if there’s a point in writing here today… there’s so much that I have to do, it is, as always, my own fault for not having done it.

For one, I have to do the job I have, and get a new job.

OMG, why is the government so hard to work with. Capitalism, they don’t want us to deal with them – it’s a deterrent.

After running like a rat through a telephonic maze trying to figure out how to find a real person, to give me the assigned solution to my extremely human problem, I got up and figured that this was a wash.

Then, I sat back down with a few sips of cold, milky coffee because I realized that I just don’t feel right, or ready to start my day, without this.

I need a padding bar for my wrists, or a better desk setup. For my health. I’m selling this desk.

I really should be selling everything, getting ready to move. It’s time, I should meet this head on.

I guess even if I don’t write anything, this post is still proof that I made it in today.

Is that what real jobs are like?

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