I am on Zoom


An abbreviated session today.

I woke up early for something, which reminds me that I have to move. And I have an email to write for that. And so many things, so many things to do.

People keep suggesting meditation as a good development tool. The boy, my Brother, and a prized client who I can not forget about, but for my own reasons I don’t like seeing so much anymore… although I do.

My Father tells me that I have to change my relationship to money. That’s easy for him to say, now that he has so much of it, more than he will probably spend in his lifetime (I still can’t cope with his mortality, I have to get a tombstone made. I also need a piece of property to keep it on, as I don’t think that he wants to be buried anywhere. It will be a simple, flat granite block, the perfect height for him to do a handstand on.) and now he tells me that I have to change, because he has changed. And I am just like him.

People keep recommending meditation. Is this meditation? My workouts used to act as my meditation, before the pandemic. Perhaps it is time to join the gym again, is it safe? I should probably, I originally wrote could probably, wait another year.

I just clicked away. I never did that at the gym, maybe that’s why meditation would work better than this. No clicking away.

My stretching has been less effective lately… I think because I do it in front of the TV. Why is TV so terrible. I lived so long without one, and I think I felt better.

My thoughts are scattered, and rough. Probably because I did not get enough sleep last night, my computer is not at the right height, I woke up to something else and did not immediately come here, and I’m further along through the caffeine cycle (it is true that this is an addiction, though a socially expected one) than usual during this writing, and of course because I have so much on my mind.

The boy and I would save money on our taxes if we were married… I think. Oh, btw we’re back together as if that wasn’t always expected. As if anyone really cared.

Oh and of course now I have to go.

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