I feel guilty about coming here today, being as I really should be working.

I told my boss about my new job. He was happy for me. I told my supervisor, and she was thrilled, she had given me a glowing reference.

But because of that, I feel guilty about the fact that I slept until 2 today, knowing full well that I was going to blow off tomorrow to go hang out with the boy.

I haven’t told my team that I’m leaving.

I considered cancelling my doctor’s appointment tomorrow so that I could go in in the morning and tell them… I can’t tell if my vision is getting better or worse.

There comes a point in the lamest of posts where I just sit back an acknowledge that it’s going to be lame, and decide not to dedicate a terribly ornate fish to it. I need more goldfish.

But, rather than just sigh and go over to google images to at least hunt down more pictures, I insist on staying here and seeing what can become of the last 3 sips or so of coffee.

I feel myself holding back, like I would do with my dog while we were walking, her on a leash, and me with somewhere to go. She would try to sniff at something, many things, and rather than slow down I would tug the leash and she’d return to my pace. There were some very useful things sometimes hiding off the path when we first moved into her last house.

She loved to find anything dead, especially people.

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