My Grammar is So Bad in This Post

But something told me that I had to get in to write today, it was the two betta fish swirling in a puddle, beautiful and fresh in my mind when I woke up. I couldn’t make sense of how the water pooled enough, just deep enough for them to live, and that cognitive dissonance woke me.

But Does He Eat Pussy?

But does he eat pussy?

My first client yesterday, when I told him that I was trying to be in a relationship. Several of my clients have met my boyfriend, but they do not know he is my boyfriend. They just wonder why he is there, and always assume that he is attached to one of the other girls in our profession. Never me… I can’t say that I mind but I do wonder if there’s something in there that I should pay attention to.

This boy is dead

We were waiting for someone, a blonde woman, or at least I imagine she was blonde. The boy said that she was coming, and that we all just had to look around, maybe she was already in the room.

It was at that moment it occurred to me that the woman was dead as well.

The Second Best Time

There it is, the turning point. I just wish that every interesting thing didn’t automatically have to implicate someone else. I don’t know why I feel like it does, but as I sit here and write for no one but myself (when did noone get dropped from the dictionary? I clearly remember in 5th grade being taught that this was a word) I realize that I’m the only one making that distinction.

How to Breed Betta Fish

He went outside to the parking lot, they were waiting outside, her in a white tank top and birthday tiara (I shouldn’t have to explain this to anyone). My girlfriend, the person who threw the whole party, was of course nowhere to be found.

His daughter, in the same weird outfit, was holding the door for him.

Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space

I remember when I first broke up with my ex, the first time. He was devastated, and I know what that feels like. When everything hurts so bad, so bad, and the only person who can help is the same person who is hurting you. I wonder if I ever told him that I understand what that’s like, because I really, really do. And if he doesn’t know that I understand, I can understand why he still hates me.

Words (don’t) Matter

Repetition is part of who I am, and everything I do. I guess I intrinsically know that no one is going to listen to me the first time, or the second time, but after all is said and done – no one can tell me I didn’t tell them so.


I just hate the fact that I’m giving so much to them, for nothing in return. I suppose yes, it is my choice to give some of the things – all of my time, the expensive gifts, vacations, etc – but I don’t see how caring for someone to the extent to which I care as *optional* in a relationship. And I’m frankly disgusted to a core I can’t even see that they do. In so many ways… the ways in which these men (and I should say people) disappoint me are as different as they each are.


I realized that this dog looked like the real life version of my favorite, only favorite, stuffed animal that I had when I was a kid. He’s still half eaten, boxed up in the basement, and probably exactly as soft as I remember. I should go get him.

Cheating – There were 2 sips left

I’m mad because I have to go hang out with the boy today. I don’t have to specifically, but it’s expected that when I’m around I’ll see him on weekends. I don’t want to, I’ll say it again. And I shouldn’t… because I just caught myself thinking thoughts that have absolutely no place in a relationship like this. He is definitely not worth hating.