…excuse me…

If you clicked this link, you’re probably wondering what this page is about.

Well, so am I. I guess we’ll have to see.

Long story short, I created this page just to see what I do with it. I wanted to see what I say when a) no one is watching and b) everyone is watching.

I’m not altogether original – I don’t even believe in originality per se, just novelty – so I will confess that I got this idea loosely from reading Walter Mosley’s Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation. In case you’re curious, this is Step 6, where I begin each “day” (I’m largely nocturnal) with a brief unstructured writing exercise, allowing myself to frame the day ahead of me by letting go of everything behind me.

Let’s see if it works.

I’m ready to record my life here… with some necessary alterations for the privacy of myself or others, of course. As if anyone really cares anyway. As if there’s anything I could say to make any of this make sense to anyone but myself – I’ve been massively unsuccessful in that endeavor so far, and I’m at peace with the approaching string of failures there that are sure to come. I don’t need this to make sense.

Most of what will appear here is simple stream of consciousness, just whatever crosses my mind whenever it does. No specific goal, no specific point, no specific topic. No editing.

And no rules, so whatever.