Fortune Cookies

Fundamentally, I’m sick of him being so selfish all the time. In bed. And I don’t know how to talk about it with him, which is really the problem. It’s a problem with me, and it’s a problem with him. I feel like he’s so insecure, remarkably inexperienced for his age, that anything that I say to him is just going to shatter what little confidence he has and he’s going to be even worse. I also feel like maybe, if I were to point that finger back toward me, that I’m having a hard time explaining myself, because I want everything to flow naturally, I want to be understood. <=== My ex said something like that to me once and it utterly pissed me off. It was just another reason for him not to have sex with me, I hope that man burns in hell and now I'm even more ashamed that I let that lie (it was a generalization, but the intent behind it was a lie) go in the fight last night. It was unforgiveable.