Smoke Show

All of my relationships have been like that. The boyfriend I had 20 years ago – we were rolling down a hill, rolled into each other, and continued doing that for 2 years. The next guy I was seeing in the interim? My friends and I got out to stretch at a rest stop during a long car ride, a sexy man in a nice car saw me, and that kicked off one of the most tumultuous relationship I, and several of my friends, ever had. Then I saw one of his hot friends and basically ran away with him. When that fizzled, I called this random dude to come get me from a place I barely knew I was, and that was the infamous ex.


My friend was talking about what it’s like to be a deep thinker (I will not reveal his actual occupation, nor my actual aspirations) and try to be in a relationship. When the Muse presents itself, you have to entertain her. She comes in whenever she feels like it, takes you body and soul, and leaves you thoroughly spent and exhausted. It’s up to you, not her, to be ready. If you let her go, she’ll move on to someone else and you’ll be forced to watch her make love to someone else, like a cuckolded man.